Currently (3)


“Currently” is a series I picked up from Alice over at a nudge in the right direction which I believe originated here.


New Music! Paramore, Harry Styles, and Shakira have released new albums that I can’t stop listening to!

Here are my favorite songs that I limited myself to because honestly, all the songs are great!

  • Paramore // Pool & Tell Me How
  • Harry Styles // Kiwi & Two Ghosts
  • Shakira // Nada & La Bicicleta

Also singles I can’t stop listening to that NEED to mentioned too:

You might have heard some version of the following song but this is the better one minus the Bieber:

Another thing I’ve been loving to do lately is taking pictures at Universal Studios and Disneyland. It’s popular on Instagram and now having dabbled in that hobby myself know why that is. It’s fun taking the photos and editing them to fit your Insta feed.

If you have an account like this link me I would love to check it out!


I haven’t improved on this. The shame keeps piling. I just bought Geekerella by Ashley Poston I’m striving to start and finish it soon.


The Handmaid’s Tale& House of Cards! Honestly too very bleak but powerful shows. If you watch either or both shows let me know your thoughts on them.


I just got back from my San Francisco trip and it was so much fun. It was a refreshing break away from my every day. I got to see friends that I haven’t seen since graduation two years ago. I also got to see a musical, no not Hamilton that’s in October, but Roman Holiday. It was fun, cute and the cast was great. If you’re up in the Bay Area I definitely recommend it.

The job situation is going better. I haven’t quit yet and they haven’t let me go. Looks like we’re at a standstill but I have taken a new position that doesn’t suck. Still looking and hoping there’s something better for me soon.


The new season of Game of Thrones! Gimmie it already! I mean have you’ve seen that trailer?


I was still in San Francisco. I didn’t get enough time in that beautiful city.


Theme Parks, Star Wars & Wonder Woman! The 40th anniversary just passed and rewatching the films again to celebrate it really make me sigh with happiness. This film saga has given me so much. I’m hoping I can post a 40th Star Wars post soon because I celebrated the official anniversary date at Disneyland and have some fun photos to sure. Here’s one!


Also, I’m still drowning in feels of Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins did such an amazing job bringing Wonder Woman to life. Not to mention, Gal Gadot’s performance. I’m just really, really happy this film accomplished what Wonder Woman represents: innocence, love, and hope. It’s the Wonder Woman film, I’ve been longing for, for so long.

What have you been loving and thinking about lately? If you have a “Currently” series link me I’d love to read them!


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