5 Fandom Friday: Goals for 2017


5 Fandom Friday was created by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

It’s been a rough year and a half. After graduating, my life got stuck in this bleak hole. I moved back to my parents’ house from San Francisco and not long after I couldn’t find the motivation to push my life forward. I’ve been stuck in this insecure and unhealthy limbo. In short, I lost a lot of the hard working, confident and courageous aspects of myself. And I haven’t been giving my all to try and find those qualities again.

I wake up and go to sleep thinking about how I need to change but then tomorrow becomes today and today becomes yesterday. There are so many exciting events that I’m looking forward to this year that I don’t want plagued by this version of myself that I’ve become.

My goals for 2017 revolve around growing and moving forward. I need to push my life to mean something again – these are my goals for the year that I’m hoping get me there:

  1. Write more. Write the good, the bad, the ugly – just write! I want to finish writing a short story and submit it to literary magazines. I want to finally commit and post consistently on this blog.
  2. Save money. My parents have been most gracious letting me live with them without the obligation of paying rent. But, I want to save money this year towards a car and a down payment on a condo. I thought about moving into an apartment because of how badly I crave my own space but it would be better for me in the long run to save and put money into a place I could eventually own.
  3. Improve relationships. I’ve become too distant with friends and rarely put myself in social situations which I know comes back to my insecurities and anxieties. I want to build past and new relationships this year. I want to laugh and experience more. And if a nerdy prince charming happens to finally appear, so be it.
  4. Improve health. To be frank, a great part of my insecurities comes down to my weight. Back in San Francisco, walking was all I did to get from point A to point B. I lost this when I moved back to LA. I’ve gained a lot and not only do I see it, it’s also taken a toll on how my body feels; the energy and motivation is just not there anymore.
  5. Career. I’m a receptionist at the moment and even though growing in this company could be beneficial money wise, my heart’s not in it. I crave creativity. I love to learn and I loved going to school. So I’m going to be working towards going back whether by grad school or making strides to getting my teaching credential.

I know these are pretty heavy goals and I already accepted that they won’t be obtained quick and they won’t get done perfectly. But, I’ll be proud of myself if I at least give it my all to reaching them.

2017 goals of your own? I’d love to hear about them and show my support! Sí, se puede!


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